Junior Fencing event in Kaunas, Lithuania

The International Fencing event in Kaunas, Lithuania has finished with great results. For the first time ever MKFA junior team has participated in an International event and we are proud to announce that Shaan Lalvani has become 5th in the competition. This is an important milestone for MKFA bringing us on the map of the International Fencing! 

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all the fencers who represented MKFA and the parents that have traveled along and supported passionately the team! 



Noor Farhat

Busye Uysal - Dasha


Laurent Bissada

Shaan Lalvani



Mr. Sunil Lalvani

Mrs. Natalia Tkach

Mrs. Gabriele Bissada

Mr. Emad Farhat

Special thanks to Coach Dimitar for his energy and commitment. 

We are looking forward to welcome you back home in Dubai and also for many more international events and titles! 

MKFA all the Way!